Monday, August 31, 2009

Obey God!

I got some great stuff at our church retreat a couple of weeks ago. Some of it included a cool sword and helmet! This is my armour to protect me from bad things.

BUT, I'm more of an offensive player than a defensive player....

(Daddy might have regreted showing me how to spank my baby doll....Maddie see, Maddie do!)

p.s. Mommy is still trying to get the video to upload so you can see me using my sword on Daddy and telling him to obey.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So, I have this little fetish with lotion...I LOVE IT! So much, that I often find my mommy's face lotion and proceed to rub it all over my one likes itchy dry skin, right? Well, I can't resist the temptation time and time again....and time and time again, I get BUSTED!

Mommy takes me to the bathroom to wash me up, but for some reason I just can't help to want to keep rubbing the lotion on my silky smooth!
I even managed to get some of the 'face' lotion on my face! Luckily I got a bath out of this whole thing, so it was worth the time out I got! :) (Ain't I a stinka?!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Backyard Fun!

Oh, what the summer time brings! Lots of new things to do outside! My mommy got all this cool stuff....she says it's from some place called, 'Raytown Neighborhood Curbside Trash'.

Whatev! I just enjoy playing with it all in my backyard!

First, I got a cool tricycle! Daddy's oilin' it up for first with my coooool helmet!
Then, I played in my new wagon! Check it out...I have a door!
I don't do so well pulling it myself, but Daddy enjoys taking me on tours around my yard....I had no idea that all of those brown blobs all over our yard came from Red Dog! Learn something new every day!
Then, I got this slide...which is probably the COOLEST THING EVER! Mom even lets me take it inside when I can't slide outside. I've learned lots of tricks on it, like wearing socks or sitting on a towel will make me slide faster...thanks Dad!
I can even climb the ladder all by myself!
Then, there is my swing...which has been in our family for almost 20 years!! It's about time I got to use it a little...thanks Great Grandma, Poppy and Daddy!
I love playing outside!