Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paging Dr. Maddie

I like the sound of that...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Zoo Fun

Last Saturday started off as a normal rainy day, hangin' out at the crib....but, wait....afar off I see a break in the it? is! to the ZOO!Dad wanted to try out our new backpack....apparently, I was the cargo.

First stop, elephants....ooohhh....and they paint! favorite, the cute. As soon as they saw the animal crackers that Mommy was holding, they started begging....kind of the same way I do when I see Mom and Dad eating....big eyes....look of desparation for just even the tiniest morsel of cracker goodness.

Speaking of animal crackers....I was having a little trouble with the horse...somehow he got stuck on the way in.

Oh! The Chimps were so great! I had a chance to run around and make monkey noises....I like to become the animals that I visit...makes for a more interesting visit!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

While Mommy's Away...

Mommy has had a few busy nights lately, so Daddy and I get to....P-A-R-T-Y (that's right...I just spelt that) Anyways, here we are at our house party, jammin' to some 3 Doors Down. Pay attention to when Daddy starts laughing because I was trying to throw up some 'rocker signs' like he taught me.

Another night, we set off to the park to enjoy the weather....I'm really digging my new sunglasses!

Oh, how I LOVE to swing!

My Mommy sure is the greatest, but there's nothin' like hangin' with the Pops....

Monday, April 13, 2009


I had a very busy Easter weekend!
It all started with making Mom and Dad some breakfast. I never do any cooking without my apron.
After breakfast, we embarked on an AWESOME Easter tradition that was new to me until today....EASTER EGG COLORING! Seriously, you take these know, the kind you eat for breakfast, but you don't eat color them and dip them in this fantastic water that I just wish I could drink...then...get this....they turn the color of the water!!!!! AWESOME!
I got a little too close to the water...see my blue right hand....oops....luckily it was bathtime after this. (no worries, no poop this time)

Dad even got in on the action. He probably had the most fun...
Check out our creations!
Then, we went to Mammy and Poppy's house. Here I am with my cousins, Kyleigh, Sami and Shelby, just before the Easter Egg Hunt...another AWESOME easter tradition that was new to me, but I LOVE!

There were actually EGGS in the grass...who knew?!
Like my dress?

Our day ended the only way it should have....with a GIANT LOLLIPOP!
Then, Sunday came....and apparently a giant bunny came to my house and dropped off this basket with a bunch of stuff in it....not sure about the bunny, but holy moly...I got sunglasses, bracelets, a chocolate bunny, a marshmellow bunny and a baby doll!

Then, we went to to my Papa's house and hunted more eggs!!!

Here are my other cousins, Ryan, Haley and Leo...Lauren was inside....too cold for babies, but not me; I'm big now!

Oh, what a day....look at all I got! Whew....the eggs and candy were a lot of fun, but I wouldn't get any of that if Jesus Christ hadn't risen from the grave to show He is God and died for me! Thank you Jesus for a new life in you....and chocolate covered marshmellow eggs!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I love myself!

Kissing my shadow...what?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pure Entertainment...

...At MY expense!