Thursday, June 25, 2009

Full Sentences

I've been working really really hard to be polite when I want something...ya know...'Please' and 'Thank you'. But, now Mom's got me on 'full sentence' duty!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day!

This year, Mommy let me make Daddy's card.
I glued on a picture that Daddy and I colored together the day before...
...and glued some more...
(this stuff was kind of weird; looked like milk, but it was sticky and smelled funny. I didn't even think to taste it...yuck!)
...a little sparkle here, a little finger paint there, and....

My card was ready to go! It was important to make it ever so special...because as I'm sure you all know....he IS the WORLD'S GREATEST DAD!
(love you dad!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

21st Century Baby

Not now Mom, I'm busy. Have your people call my people!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Planes, Family and The Beach!

God always has a way of turning sad things into happy things. My Great-Grandpa Bob passed away a couple weeks ago from cancer. BUT, right before he did, his brother, Great-Grandpa Joe (it's complicated) got a chance to show him from God's Word what it meant to be saved. Mom says sometimes when we are the saddest or at the bottom of the barrel (whatever that means), that's when we see our need for God to live in our hearts. That's what it took for Great-Grandpa Bob to realize his need for his Saviour. PRAISE GOD for his new body that doesn't ache anymore, and his eternal life in Heaven!!
So that being said....I got to go to FLORIDA last week! Holy Moly did Mom and I have fun! She was kind of scared taking me by myself, but dad had to work....we sure missed him a lot!!
We were up bright and early to catch our flight. Mom booked seats way in the back of the plane so I wouldn't bother anyone....I think the flight attendant in this picture was a little more than annoyed...oh well, gimme a banana and put me in the air....I was ready to fly!
I think I can see my house from up here....yup....HI DADDY! (and yes, that's a box of raisins hanging from my mouth)
This is the very tiny plane we took from Tennessee to was a little smaller than mom had hoped for. Dad was jealous he didn't get to fly on it. I LOVED it because we got to move to the back row...that's right, I said row! 3 empty chairs just for us!
Once we got into Florida, it was a rainy day, so we spent most of our time inside hanging with the fam. Fine by me!...all of the unexplored territory and animals to harass! (btw-I offended the cat and the dog and got yelped at and scratched...I don't know what their problem was! All of the sudden it's a crime to pat really hard and pull fur?!...hmmm)
HOLD THE PHONE! They had a slot machine!!!! I was all over that like stink on my poop! I had to fight Uncle Gary to push the buttons.
After a long first day, my cousin Elby (Shelby) and I took a bath...we couldn't wait to splash in the pool!!!
We didn't have to wait much longer! The next day we were all greased up with sunblock and ready to go. Here is my cousin Josephine and Elby (Shelby)
Here I am looking sooo cool...I belong at a pool!
Here's Elby and I with Aunt Lizzy and Papi. I tried drinking some of the water...I think I prefer milk!

And...Here I am at the beach...oh yea, that's the ocean. What's that? Why am I not in a swimming suit?'ll see later.

Instead, I had a lot of fun burying my feet...

and letting the water touch my toes....only my toes....JUST my toes!....
...and picking up seashells. I got a lot of really cool ones!
Ok...what I am about to show you would keep even you out of the water! My family was fishing on this beach. For what, you ask?

SHARKS!!! What, you can't see it? Scroll to the next picture...

Yeah, it may be a baby shark, but that means a momma was close by!! Oh, that's not it....keep going!

Stingray!!!! Yeah, it may be a baby too, but again...I didn't want to find it's mama!...where's my mama?!
Uncle Bobby caught crabs while catching bait...not sure why everyone kept repeating that, and laughing....hmm...grown-ups...
All in all it was a beautiful day hanging with my family!
There was just one person missing...