Friday, September 18, 2009


So there I was....doing my thing, getting ready for beddy. All 3 of us in my room and Mommy changing my diaper. 'What's this? A dry diaper? That's strange!' My Mama exclaims. That's right, I hadn't filled my diaper over a long period of time. Mommy asked me the same question she has often asked over the last month; 'Do you want to potty in the big girl potty?'....BUT WAIT...what's that feeling?....uh, I feel I better get up and make way to the bathroom, or we are going to be using up a bottle of Resolve in my room! Daddy walks me to the big girl potty and to their....and my suprise.....a sound of running water echos in the otherwise quiet room!

I PEED!!!!
It was like the clouds opened up and the angels started singing...well, maybe that was just Mommy and Daddy giving me big cheers and claps. I got a sticker too! Somehow I feel this 'using the big girl potty' can work to my advantage...but, for now, I am sticking with the diapers. We'll see how long it takes before I'm all set to go for sure.

...besides...I didn't know work was involved! Here I am dumping my 'yellow stuff' down the giant 'icky' thing that mommy doesn't let me touch otherwise.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Quality Time

One of my and Daddy's favorite things to do together is sit at the computer and listen to Coldplay...they my jam!

Mommy learned that their are certain things that have too much sugar in them for me...I believe it is 10p.m. in this pic...watching Ice Age trying to relax.

Daddy can't help but to SQUEEZE me all the time...I let him...

Lovin' Mommy reading Barney...

But...Mommy reading Barney while wearing my shorts on her head...priceless!