Monday, October 20, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Daddy went on a trip with my Pappa this weekend, so I got to stay the night at his house! Oh boy, there was so much for me to get into. Check out this whole shelf of toys for me to play with!! Pappa must have known I was coming and set it out all for me. So, I've become more of a Daddy's Girl over the past couple weeks. Anytime I see my Daddy, I just gotta have him. I give him as many kisses and hugs as I can....I'm preparing him for when I can start asking him for stuff. WHOA!....Check out the picture below....Is that a picture of me?!....Nope, it's my Daddy. I think he has my eyes.

Here's Daddy and Pappa heading out on their trip. I sure missed him a whole lot. I even told Mommy about it. Here's how the conversation went Saturday night:
Arrive home; looking for daddy -
Me - "Da Da?...Da Da?"
Mommy - "Daddy's not home sweat pea, but we'll go see him tomorrow." "
Me - "Yesss!"
Mommy - "Sounded like you just said yes, are you excited to see Daddy?"
Me - "My Da Da"
Mommy - "That's right, your Da Da....Uh, did we just have an actual conversation?"