Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Better....FINALLY!

It all started on a dark and windy Wednesday night. Mommy and Daddy had tucked me in with my babydoll and blanket and off I went to a peaceful slumber......UNTIL a distinct odor pierced my father's nose....I had gotten sick in my bed. A change of sheets and sponge bath to my disliking was all it took to get me back to my, again, peaceful slumber......Mommy and Daddy ran through all the allergy?....slight salmonella?...stomache bug?....I continued to have sickness coming out of me from all sides and mom took me to the dr.'s on Friday...double ear infection and small stomach bug they said....So, I started antibiotics.....and something small to help my tummy feel better. Mommy and I had to miss my Aunt Hope's wedding on Saturday. I mostly slept all day, and when I was awake, Mommy and I sat here watching cartoons...Big, Big World and A Lions Tale were among some of my favorites.

Saturday evening, Mommy thought I was starting to feel better. I started to eat some apples and smiled a few times....but,

Sunday morning, I was feeling pretty crummy. All I wanted to do was lay down. I hadn't had a solid piece of food in 3 days!!...and if you know me....that was NOT fun. Daddy and Mommy were pretty worried this morning. I had a strange colored 'sickness' so they called the dr. She said...get that girl to Children's Mercy. Dad rushed us off...lil' scary. They did a bazzillion tests on me and stuck things in me where things shouldn't be stuck....hhmmm....Everything came back normal...PRAISE THE, they assumed it was just a viral infection and I had to continue my pedialite diet until I stopped 'returning' what had just been 'deposited.'

I turned to my good pal, Cookie for a little comforting. I also got a new puppy from the hospital...she tried hard to make me feel better too...I think it started to work. I started to keep all of my liquids down and even got to eat my first fist full of Apple Jacks...mmmhmmm! happened....

You've got to be kidding me! I went to see the Dr.....again....and the guy I had to see was not a pleasant pediatrician! He said it was something called roseola. I was like, um, I haven't been around any flowers lately! So, he said to keep me on my antibiotics. (Even though Daddy said that was the problem!!) It got worse, so they told me to go to the dr.'s...AGAIN!!!...but, this time I saw my pediatrician, and she was so nice to me. She said...'Maddie's Mom, you better get her off those antibiotics NOW!', we did and....

It started to clear up and I started getting back a full appetite...mmm...banana oatmeal

I am continuing to heal, and I am eating my mommy out of house and home again...and it's all to to the power of prayer and God's mercy on my little body!
Thank you everyone for your prayers!