Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playin' in the yard with Dad

It was a beautiful day...a day like any other spring day....There I was, playing with my rocks....something I do often. It's a bit relaxing...

What's that?!...I heard the near distance...what could it be?!

I set my rocks down, ever so gently, and stand up to get a better look., I opted to hold on to the rocks...but, HOLY MOLY! What is that?!
I grab my big ball for protection and go to check things out....
*gasp* it's coming right towards me!...


False's just Red Dog...he's so sneaky!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My First Camping Trip!!!

I was told, by Mommy and Daddy that it's 'fun' to sleep food cooked on a with rocks instead of my toys....and walk around looking at a tree that looks just like the tree standing next to it....

HOLY COW....they were right!

When we first showed up, we set up camp and decided to go on a short hike before it started to rain....luckily we packed our rain jackets!

After we got back, Daddy checked the weather and I ate some crackers...or I could be eating rocks....not sure at this point.

The light sprinkle turned into a light rain, so Mommy and I played in the tent while Daddy cooked her up a nice Steak and Mushroom dinner for Mommy's Day! We had fun!!!

(to Mommy's suprise)

Daddy kept all of his fingers this weekend...whew....need those for ticklin'. Man, oh Man was campfire food good!!

Daddy bought me a ginormous ball to play with...I could pick it up, but don't ask me to walk with it...not good...

Monday, it was pretty nice out, so we made a trip to the beach. More dirt and rocks to play with! When we tried to leave we had a little trouble with the jeep...Mommy prayed it would be an easy fix, and God answered!!! Daddy fixed it and off we went back to camp for more eatin's. Don't worry though, before we went Mommy put lots of sunblock on my head....I think this look works for me!

We hiked again today and went a lot further. This back pack thing is kinda cool....except for the few branches that smacked me in the's all good, Daddy...I know you didn't mean it.

Daddy showed me how to throw rocks into the lake!

If we weren't hiking, beachin' or playing frisbee, we were sitting around the fire...I heard a couple somewhat familiar words a lot this week....'NO' and 'HOT'

So, I played with the rocks and couldn't tell you how many went in my mouth!

If I wasn't eatin' good campfire cooking, or rocks, I was trying to drink the syrup....SUGAR!!!

I was quite the big helper this week, too. I helped Daddy with the fire wood...

And I carried the water over to the picnic table for mom.

And....I tried to carry my shoes to the car for mom...but, Daddy later found them in the grass.
All in all...I totally recommend this outdoorsy type of stuff to everyone...just remember bug spray, sunscreen and several changes of clothes!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Child Labor?

Mom seems to think I'm old enough to start helping with chores. Can someone please call DFS...I don't know if this is quite fair....

I can even see my reflection...I guess I'm pretty good at this dusting stuff!